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The Power of Video

Video empowers you to make the right choices when it comes to hiring. Gain insight into a candidate's personality and examine those critical soft skills that are key for any role. myInterviews three products will save you 30% of your time to hire; Video Apply, Video Profiles and Video Interviewing.

Video Apply

Candidates complete a short video when applying for a job. Providing an in-depth insight to revolutionise the initial shortlist.

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Video Profile

Candidates complete a promotional video that will bring your database to life.

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Video Interview

Shortlisted candidates answer job specific questions to qualify them for the role.

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Video Apply and Video Profiles


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No apps needed

Candidates have a frictionless experience, needing only their browser to apply.

Instant insights

Get a feel of the candidate first-hand, forget about the need for cover letters, we bring candidates' resumes to life.

More authentic

Through a guided process, we ensure that candidates present an authentic overview of themselves in a comfortable environment.

Fast integration

In less than one hour, you can fully integrate the video into your process.

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Video Interviewing

Have your initial shortlist? Send candidates a video interview and make informed decisions with greater insight than ever before.


Select the questions, the time limit for the candidate's response and the due date for the myInterview


Review and validate each myInterview, collaborate with team members and shortlist candidates


Receive instant feedback based on compatibility scoring, acceptance and rejection handling

People Analytics

We're on a mission to enable data-driven hiring decisions, chat with us to find out more.


Enhance your hiring process with data-driven hiring and increased visibility using analytics.


Identify your hiring trends with comparison to your competition and broader market.

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Integrate us into your application forms or HR software in rapid time. We're built by engineers for engineers, we understand your time is valuable and our rapid-API reduces development cycles from months to hours.

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Want to see how it all works ? Request a demo today. Book a demo

Our Team

We're incredibly motivated to redefine how hiring should be

Guy Abelsohn

Loves Vegemite and Australian football ! Runs the business in Sydney while running in the harbour.

Benjy Gillman

An English, Australian, Israeli, South African mix, Benj enjoys travelling a little too much..

Michael Lumbroso

When he's not playing with bits and pixels, you can find Michael on the sport's field, nature hikes, playing piano or behind the stove.

Sonny Sharma
VP of Sales

When he is not helping companies innovate their recruitment process, Sonny loves cooking spicy food and enjoys watching the All Blacks win

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Senior Engineer

Apart from being a talented back-end developer, Anton plays drums and enjoys exploring Ukraine.

Ron Merkin

Football player and watcher, he brings crucial energy to fuel the team.

Benny Deddouch

Benny swapped his banker suit for pixels and code. Always up for a challenge, Benny isn’t afraid to dive into new projects or hobbies. He also enjoys cooking and play tennis.

Nicole Miller
Product Manager

Nicole enjoys tricking people with her twin sister, shark cage diving and skiing in her free time.

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