How myInterview Works

How myInterview works

We know time is money, which is why our video recruitment software makes it easy to advertise and apply for jobs, with tracking tools to stay organised.

step one


Companies subscribe to myInterview and post jobs on our secure platform, with a company video, description of the role and up to 10 unique questions for candidates to answer. They’ll receive a unique URL of the job advertisement to share on job boards, careers pages or social media channels. Employers can also search for candidates in myInterview using smart filters and tags, then invite them to apply for the role.

step two


To apply, candidates can sign up to myInterviewand create a profile with a photo, resume, tagged skills and a short biography, with a promotional video to introduce themselves in person. When applying for a role, each candidate has 30 seconds to review the question before recording a response. This means everyone gets the same amount of time to prepare, allowing employers to mimic a real-life interview situation and see how well candidates think on their feet.

step three


Once candidates have created a video that demonstrated their skills, personality and creativity, employers can view them at their convenience and collaborate with colleagues to sort, rank and discuss each application. Employers can manage applications using the myInterview dashboard and invite the preferred candidates for a face-to-face interview.

Whether you're looking for your next big break or need to expand your team, myInterview will help you make better recruitment decisions in a fraction of the time.

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