About us

myInterview is committed to revolutionising the recruitment process through a range of innovative tools and features. Sometimes employers are so caught up in the detail of a candidates resume, they neglect the person behind it. We're here to help bring the candidate's application to life and show the person behind the paper.


School friends Guy Abelsohn and Benjy Gillman founded myInterview after 2 years of concept development. Upon graduating from high school Guy and Benjy experienced finding a job wasn't as easy as first anticipated. Having not started tertiary education, enthusiasm and eagerness to learn was hard to quantify and communicate in a resume.

We are currently in the midst of a video revolution, this medium of communication is growing at an exponential pace with access and capabilities unseen before. myInterview is excited to announce the birth of the video interview revolution. We hope that you enjoy your experience and find what you are looking for, whether it is your dream job or dream employee.

Guy Abelsohn & Benjy Gillman

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