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Frequently Asked Questions

We’re glad you asked! By reducing time to fill, we can calculate exactly how much money your company will be saving. Check out our handy calculator and put a price tag on your savings.

We hear it. There is a lot of noise around video interviewing. So why should you choose myInterview as your video interview provider?

  1. myInterview is designed for optimal user experience. The light weight recording interface has been designed by behavioural psychologists and tweaked by user analysis to ensure higher candidate conversion and experience.
  2. Enterprise grade software at affordable prices. We’ve made video interviews accessible to everyone.
  3. Legendary customer support.
  4. 24hr candidate support.
  5. We integrate with the best and can customise the experience to your needs.
  6. Last but by no way least
  7. myInterview intelligence™. Read more about optimizing your recruitment funnel using our purpose-built AI solution.

myInterview tracks every element of you and your candidates behaviour to deliver actionable insights.
Our recommendation engine surfaces candidate interviews that have a high corresponding score with our groups of successfully placed candidates within specific industries, locations and experience levels.
We also deliver insights into your viewing behaviours and question recommendations.

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Incorporating video into your current process is a fantastic idea! Integrate myInterview as a built-in button on your own forms/ATS/marketplace. We provide rockstar developer support and we’re loved by developers globally.
To integrate with an ATS such as JobAdder, Workable or Greenhouse click here.
To integrate with an ATS not mentioned above click here.
To integrate with your company’s internal system click here.

You do! All data is stored in the region of recording and is GDPR compliant. We process thousands of videos each day from across the globe. You control access to all videos submitted to you, and candidates can easily request to delete a video in full compliance with GDPR.