Connect With Candidates

Connect With Candidates

Hire the right person for the job, with customised one-way video interviews that bring resumes to life. You'll gain an insight into the personality of candidates and see how they demonstrate their thought process and creativity.

Once your role is advertised on myInterview, you'll receive a unique URL to share on job boards, careers pages and social media channels. You may also invite candidates directly from your profile. Customise up to 10 scenario-based, behavioural and analytical questions for candidates to answer and watch their video applications when it suits you.

In the time it takes to conduct three phone interviews, you can pre-screen 10 candidate videos on myInterview. This means you only need to interview the best candidates face-to-face, saving you time and streamlining the recruitment process.

Manage applications

Manage applications

It’s easy to manage candidates on myInterview, no matter where you are or what device you’re using. You can filter applicants by proximity, skills and experience, or stay organised with custom shortlists to share with your team or clients.
We know recruitment isn’t a solo gig, which is why myInterview allows you to collaborate with colleagues to rank applications and send private messages to discuss who should progress to the next stage. Recruiters can share interviews with their clients and manage their feedback and access levels. 
Our candidate screens and email templates are customised with your company branding. You can contact candidates to invite them to a face-to-face interview or send a batch email to unsuccessful candidates.
Streamline your HR

Streamline your HR

Our cloud-based recruitment platform makes hiring a breeze. Unlike most recruitment software, you won’t need expensive and time-consuming training to get the most out of myInterview. Simply log in and get started.
Our platform has the highest level of SSL security encryption, with automatic and secure backups of your data. Because it sits in the cloud, you won’t need to install any software and can use myInterview on any device with an internet connection.
All myInterview applications are archived with your comments and ratings, so you can invite unsuccessful candidates to apply for other positions down the track. Video interviews can be displayed for up to three months and archived for up to a year, so you can reopen the position in moments. We can also integrate myInterview within any HRMS system, just ask us how.

Pricing and plans

You won't find any hidden costs or surprises here, we promise. All myInterview plans allow you to:

  • Post job advertisements and video interviews for 90 days
  • Share job advertisements and video interviews on social media and the Indeed job board
  • Receive unlimited user logins
  • View full candidate profiles
  • Email candidates individually or in a batch
  • Request references from candidates
  • Upload a company video
  • Rate, review and comment on applications
  • Search archives and filter candidates
  • Customise interview questions
  • Shortlist candidates quickly
  • Get unlimited, free support
  • Enjoy no setup fees or contracts
  • Enjoy full API integration
  • Download the myInterview app

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