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Why myInterview?

In an online world of applications and candidate profiles, it's difficult to get a true sense of a person. myInterview was designed to put personality into the hiring process through video interviewing and predictive analytics. It's quick and easy to use, and we'd love to demonstrate how you can make faster and better data-driven hiring decisions.

“myInterview enables our project team to quickly review and determine whether the candidates have the right mix of energy, positivity and strong customer service skills. It was imperative that we had a central source to quickly review candidates and move through to the next stage of the process. To that end the solution enabled us to appoint 40 staff members in 15 days.

"By using this product, we save hours interviewing candidates. The hiring manager can review the video on their phone or computer. By using myInterview, we give more candidates the opportunity to be shortlisted for face to face interviews. MyInterview is easy to use, reduces time to hire, and is cost effective.”

”In previous years we would have sat in face to face interviews, selecting our candidates but with your product we saved many hours of time as well as being able to allow other hiring managers to review applications as well. Candidates also enjoyed the experience and gave us positive feedback."

“I was impressed as I would have declined [this candidate] for the role looking at his CV in comparison to the others…. Only he completed the myInterview. Just met with him and he’s awesome I definitely think he’ll get the role!”

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We put the candidate first

All of our video interviewing products have been designed alongside behavioral psychologists and user-experience experts.
Our video technology is mobile responsive, allowing interviews to be completed anytime, anywhere.
One of our recruitment specialists can show you how.

About You!

To discover how we can make video interviewing work for you, select the use case that best represents your organization.
Experience the difference.

The myInterview differentiation

All videos are securely encoded and stored in the recording region. Videos cannot be accessed without a client's permission.
Customise and integrate video interviews into your solution in record time.
myInterview ensures compliance with regulations in your country. We operate around the world.
We provide deep analysis of your interviews to help you screen talent, structure questions and contact applicants.
24-hour Support
Our team is on hand to answer your questions at any time of the day.
Works across all platforms and devices
myInterview is completely mobile responsive, so there's no need for applicants to download a separate app.
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