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Product Intelligence
Automated Shortlisting

Reorder the Shortlist

Select the qualities you need for the role, and myInterview Intelligence will do the rest. Want to change criteria? The shortlist will automatically update to reflect your preferences.

Searchable Wordcloud

Our Wordcloud feature allows you to filter candidates based on key words or specific industry terms. To help you further, you are able to jump to the specific points in each video where your selected key word has been said.

Automated Shortlisting
Diverse Talent & Inclusive Hiring
Diverse Talent

Seek Diversity

By concentrating only on what a candidate is saying (and not how they look when they say it), our Machine Learning ensures that automated shortlisting focuses on personality to encourage diversity in your candidate pool.

Shortlist Fairly

myInterview Intelligence strives to use the most bias free analysis techniques available to ensure fair shortlisting.Our machine learning models learn from our team of diverse psychologists across the world.

Hire for your Company Culture
Company Culture

Gain Role & Culture Fit Insights

myInterview uses a business focused personality model based on the Big Five. Using everyday language, profiling is accessible and easy-to-understand.

Save Templates

Our profiling tools are quick and easy to use, adding the convenience of saving your profiling templates allows you to reuse profiles that you have used successfully.

MyInterview Benefits
Gain valuable insights into role and culture fit.
Using our simple, yet robust, personality profiling tools, gain deeper insights into each candidate.
Rank Order using
Machine Learning
Received curated interview playlists that reflect your needs in the role.
Have a transcript of the video interview available for your review and analysis.
Shorten the list further by selecting key words or industry terms from the Worldcloud.