Video Interviewing Platform Comparison

We know it can get confusing as to who has what.

Here's a comprehensive head-to-head analysis of myInterview vs other vendors.

Candidate Experience
myInterview RecRight Sonru Odro Skeeled
Custom domain hosting
24 hour support
Sound detection if candidate can't be heard
Light detection if candidate is not visible
Text invitations
Employer videos
App free mobile experience
Customisable email reminders & workflows
Recruiter tools
myInterview RecRight Sonru Odro Skeeled
Sequenced Interviews
Set deadlines for completion
Embed introduction videos
On-question retakes
Question builder widget that can be integrated into clients backend
Templated questions or custom questions
Team collaboration tools
Advanced candidate and shortlist sharing
Stakeholder & Client progression and rejection management
Productivity Tools
myInterview RecRight Sonru Odro Skeeled
Accessible pricing
AI insights
Integratable widget
Global presence
Integrate into any ATS or application form
Track all elements of the candidate experience to measure engagement

How much money will myInterview save me?

We’re glad you asked! By reducing time to fill, we can calculate exactly how much money your company will be saving. Check out our handy calculator and put a price tag on your savings.