Questions that Dig Deeper

23/07/2014      Benjy Gillman Co-Founder of myInterview


1.     Why do you want this job?
This question may seem like an obvious one, I mean you want your next employee to want to work for you right? It may however be hard to get an honest answer as candidates quite rightly want to promote themselves for the job and may neglect to mention their true intentions. The beauty of this question is that it allows candidates to go that extra mile in demonstrating their passion for the job and organisation they are trying to pitch for. The best answers are those that are well informed about what the company stands for and what they personally stand for.

2.     Tell us about yourself
How many of us can’t truly summarise who we are in a few sentences. This is a deep question that some people never truly find an answer within themselves or head of to India in search of enlightenment. We define ourselves using a number measures whether it be values, career, personality, goals or charitable acts. These are all valid and provide insight but are subjective. The best responses are achievement based; this gives a measure to the candidate’s values, career, personality, goals and charitable acts.

3.     Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Wow ten years? Retired, on a beach sipping mojitos in Mexico… Hmm we can all dream, and we do all dream. The answers that we look for will be dependent on the role, for example when interviewing a graduate you would hope that they would have drive to be a department or area manger or start their own business. This question is a measure of ambition. Today job and even career rotation is high so this question is not so much a guarantee to tie the person down to the checkout counter at the local supermarket but it will give an indication of the persons aspirations, confidence and realism.

4.     How do you evaluate success?
Well is that subjective or objective, measurable or immeasurable, it is a hard question to navigate because there are two definitions that can be given; result based and personal development based. Result based answers may include achieving sales targets, achieving a budget surplus and being employee of the month. Personal development based answers may be learning a new skill, developing a more cohesive work environment and finding a work life balance. There is no write or wrong answer but it tells you a lot about the personality sitting in front of you.  

5.     Who is your role model and why?
We all have role models, people we look up to, whether they are successful business people, family or social hero’s. We are products of environments; this question will reveal the aspirations, goals, values and character of the candidate. The why is more important than the who, the thoughtfulness and depth of the answer is easy to gage from this question.


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