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“A true timesaver. There is just something about the energy and attitude of a person which a CV can't capture. Video can give a sense of that and filter those away who you know quickly are just not the typecast for that particular job. We love the great user interface: very intuitive and easy to use both for the interviewer and the interviewee. It's so easy to collaborate with colleagues. Also, great support!"

Yoni N. via Capterra

“myInterview helped us reimagine our application process. We are a small non-profit, and it gives us a professional look that we have been working hard on developing. It also simplified the application process exponentially. When I had a question (which is rare), the customer service was excellent and quick. I cannot recommend this service highly enough!”

Jonathan M. via SourceForge

“myInterview is customised to my needs. I can get to know candidates through a series of timed questions that challenge and filter candidates effectively. It helps bring objectivity to the process by asking the same questions and quickly filter through the candidates that stand out.”

Lucia P. via G2

“myInterview saves me so much time in the recruitment process - it frees up my time to do other stuff, without compromising the recruitment process for me or the interviewees. Feels personal, especially with the ability to add a video to the beginning so it doesn't feel like the interviewee is losing out compared to a face to face interview. Good value for money, especially in an overpriced market.”

Kirsty R. via G2

“What I like most about using myInterview software is that this amazing helpful software is for free! I also really enjoy the fact that the video calling software is easy as pie to set up and that it does not take prolonged time or any extra add-on software in order for it to work. Potential candidates for a job can be viewed right on your desktop, or laptop, your tablet or even on your smartphone too!”

Cindy C. via Capterra

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“Timesaver - streamlines the recruitment process!”

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“Great feedback from candidates!”

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